En el aeropuerto (at the airport)

Hello readers! We present here vocabulary about one of the most common situationS which most of us have been through and we’ll be repeatedly. For this reason, we consider this post important. Here, you’ll find the essential vocabulary and expressions we think might be useful en el aeropuerto (at the airport). Let’s going there!

Either for work or vacation, traveling is an activity we all do! Regardless of whether you are an English student or an entrepreneur, we hope this article will help you improve your skills to make your trip successful.

Vocabulary before the flight en el aeropuerto (at the airport)

Before we leave we have to make a lot of chores. For example, we have to book, I mean «reservar» the flight and the hotel. If you are leaving the country, you’ll take your passport (pasaporte) with you. And even if you are traveling inside of your country, you’ll need your ID (identificación). Once you’re sure to your destination, and you have all your things in order. We have to wait untill the day of our travel. Keep your ticket on your hand and read the following vocabulary:

reservar, to book. airport vocabulary by allspanish

We use the verb to book in situations like to book a table at the restaurant, to book a room in a hotel or place more commonly. (I write this because at the moment of buying tickets we use verbs like querer, necesitar, dar, comprar, etc.)

Some of the word you’ll hear at the airport are:

  • ticket- boleto (we also say just «ticket»)
  • aerolinea -airline
  • llegadas -arrivals
  • salidas -departure
  • aduanas – customs
  • puerta -gate
  • equipaje-Luggage

Remember that here your vocabulary should be polite, always saying «Disculpe» -excuse me -, «por favor» -please- and «Gracias» -thank you-

Arriving to the airport /(llegando al aeropuerto)

The day arrives and you are at the airport, then you have to check in but before everything you have to go though security. We all know that every time the security protocol is stronger. Often the security measures can be quite intimidating. If you are new at the airport you might ask someone. Let’s check the next examples :

Boarding (abordando)

You have to check if its everything on time with your flight. After making sure is everything fine you just have to wait till your flight is ready! While, you can go to kill time to some of the restaurants or bars you’ll have there. The vocabulary is :

  • en tiempo -on time
  • retrasado- deleyed
  • número de asiento (lugar) -site
  • If they ask you if you’d like somethng to eat or drink. they will tell you: «¿le ofrezco algo de beber? and you’d say: «Sí, quiero______ (agua/jugo/electrolitos/ cerveza) «
  • cabina- cabin
  • azafata- flight attendant
  • asiento de pasillo: Aisle seat: 
  • asiento de ventana: Window seat: 
  • cinturón de seguridad-Seat belt
  • despegar/el despegue: take -off
  • aterrizar/el aterrizaje: to land/landing

Arrival (beyod the airport )

We are happy you’ve all landed safe and sound! Then, what’s next? trying to get a uber? Don’t forget your luggage!

Hopefully, your trip has been fine and easy, we almost make it. We have to finish with the last part of the process: «Aterrizaje y salida». Most of the time you just have to wait to your luggage but sometimes you’ll have to answer a serie of questions. These are some of the regular question people use to do at the airport:

To the end of this article, check thefollowing video:

We hope this article can help you to get more vocabulary ! please let us know!



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