LLEGANDO… (arriving)

When you are arriving at the restaurant, it’s possible you already have a reservation, if you do, the first thing you’ll ask for I’d be: «Hello I have got a reservation for 6 people»… In case you don’t have it, probably you’ll ask if is a table available. In Spanish, both possibilities are the following:

  • useful phrases in spanish at the restaurant

En la mesa…(on the table)

When you have a table, the waiter/waitress usually brings to you the menu. But if they are late offering the menu, you can ask for it. It’s also common starting with an appetizer, right?

When you know the meal you want, you tell to the waiter/waitress your decision. When you’re for the first time in a place, we might ask for recommendation. If you need something else for your meal, like bread, salt, pepper, etc…we use to ask politely. Well In Spanish it’s the same. The common phrases are:

What phrases can we use with the drinks?

The art of drinking always deserves another menu, sometimes even more extensive than the food menu (lol). If you know what kind of drink you want you won’t have a problem, or maybe if you’re coming from the burning sun and you just want something simple like a glass of water.

What happend with the people who don’t drink alcohol? You always can get a coctel alcohol-free! NO problem 🙂

Phrases after food

No matters if we go to have lunch or dinner, usually the restaurant will offer us something to live, which in México is known as «sobremesa», I mean, the digestion time that we use to chattery after meals. It is more usual during lunch or dinner and It shall be aa digestive drink or a dessert… because you know, it’s always room for dessert!

The bill and the time to say goodbye

When we are ready to go, we have to pay the bill… one of the basic questions is asking for the bill, the if you have some problem, the way you are going to pay or if you wanna take the food you couldn’t finish to home…. (it’s possible!) I will give you some expressions here:

common problems

ok… so far so good…but, if we get trouble with our meals, drinks, or the check…what we should say then? Since the basic…» this is not what I ordered» till «my check is wrong»… let’s review what are the most common problems we might have at the restaurant and how can we try to fix it speaking Spanish!

Finally… do not forget to say Thank you to your waiter/waitress! 🙂

If you leave and there are people eating, we use to say «Provecho» in a polite way too say «I hope you enjoy your meal»… Surely you will hear it million times!

Are you ready to go to a mexican restaurant?

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