Now that we have learned the best ways to say hello, let’s learn which are the different ways to say goodbye and you will select the best ways to say goodbye for you!

These are the common ways to say goodbye appropriate :

sayig goodbye in spanish

«ADIÓS» is the word for excellence! no matter the situation you are, you can always use it when someone or you leaving a room or place but is not the only one. You can use different ways it depends on the situation and impresses everybody!

«Hasta luego» is the phrase equivalent to «see you later». It is the correct way to say goodbye in a formal situation because sounds more respectful or distant when you don’t have enough confidence (at work in work meetings or with clients, at the school with your teachers, etc)

hasta pronto

Similar but not the same is the phrase «Hasta pronto» which semantically shows to you listener you have the compromise or the intention to see him/her again -soon or late- You can also use the preposition «Hasta» followed of: más tarde/mañana/entonces/el Viernes. For example: «Hasta mañana«(see you tomorrow), «Hasta más tarde» (see you in a while), «Hasta entonces» (see you then),»Hasta el Viernes,Jueves,Domingo»(see you on Friday,and so on.

Being proper but not too formal

An alternative of the formula above is to say «Nos vemos» which is the correct equivalent of «see you». It’s used kind of in the same way, for example: «Nos vemos luego» (see you later), «Nos vemos más tarde» (see you later), «Nos vemos después» (see you later), «Nos vemos en un rato» (see you in a while), «Nos vemos pronto» (see you soon).

Saying goodbye means you’re finishing a conversation or leaving a place. For this reason, you can replay exactly the same. If someone tells you «Nos vemos el lunes» you simply can say «Nos vemos».

saying goodbye in spanish

You can also add: «Cuídate», «Cuídate mucho» (take care of yourself ), add a good wishes like «Que estés bien»(I hope you be fine)/»Que te vaya bien» (I hope everything be alright) and even say «Suerte»(good luck) if the situation merit it ! When someone finishes with a wish, you can first say «¡Gracias!» ( thank you) and then answer «Igualmente» ( same to you), «Tú también» ( you too).

After saying hello, sometimes say «nice to see you» so, following this logic, when we leave it’s usual to say «Fue bueno verte» (It was good to see you). If is the first time that you met that person, you can say: «FUE agradable conocerte» (it was nice meeting you).


The most popular informal phrases are to say goodbye are:

  • BYE-
  • «NOS VEMOS POR AHÍ» (see you around)
  • «HASTA LA PRÓXIMA» (see you next time)
  • «HASTA SIEMPRE» (used ina friendly way)
  • «HASTA NUNCA» (might be used when someone is really angry and sometimes is literal meaning- they don’t wanna see us again, but sometimes people say it to their friends joking)
how to say goodbye in different ways with allspanish

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