Reasons why learning Spanish it’s a good idea!

Hello Guys! If you are here! means that you’ve already started to study Spanish or maybe because you have in mind the fabulous idea of learning Spanish. In this post, we’ll talk about the advantages of speaking Spanish and the reasons why learning Spanish it’s a good idea!


Spanish language is the official language of many countries, such as México, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Cuba, Costa Rica, España, Venezuela, Ecuador, Perú, Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, and Venezuela. 

so, if you wanna travel to these countries, of course, it’s not necessary to speak Spanish, but surely this skill will help you to enrich your traveling experience and surely you’ll be able to make some new interesting friends!

why learning Spanish it's a good idea!


Spanish language is now, after English the second more spoken language worldwide for not native speakers. For this reason, if you are able to speak Spanish, your opportunities to get a job in Spanish speaking countries will increase…

Remember that not just Spanish, but every language or a new skill you can learn, it will open new doors for you!

learning Spanish language with allspanish

#3 Learning a new language it’s good for your brain!

All the scientific community are in agreement about the benefits of learning a new language.

Studies shows that bilingual people are better at tasks that require multi-tasking and attention focusing than monolinguals. Also, learning a new language helps people to understand better their own language and improve their comunicative skills.

Another important fact that studies have shown about learning a new language is: keeps your memory young! This works as a kind of brain training and prevents Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia.

#4 Connect you to Other Cultures

In AllSpanish we believe learning a new language as a synonym of learning a new culture! why? Because every culture is a different World. This means: a language shows the way of thinking of a determinating group of people, the traditions, and the behavior.

For this reason, when we learn a new language, we have the opportunity of knowing and living that culture. Then, we will learn more than just a code or linguistic system…we will be learning a different way of seeing and experiment with life!

It’s important to underline that also within a language you’ll find crucial differences. For example between the Spanish spoken in Mexico and the Spanish from Spain, which will be also a bit different from the Spanish spoken in Cuba, Colombia, Argentina, etc. I’m sure you’ll have fun!

learninig languages it's good

#5 You have allspanish to make it real!

The relevance of the Spanish language is growing every day. Thanks to this, it’s easy to find a lot of information, pages like this, and too many useful sources that will help you to learn more and became a Spanish speaker!

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