Hi students! One of the first lessons we have to learn in the moment to studying a new language is the «Verb to be», why? becuase this is one of the most useful verbs to build sentences, not just at the beginnig but throughout all your way and farther. In this post we’ll explain how to use this basic verb and the different uses of the verb to be in Spanish! keep reading! We will review just el verbo ser and when you finish this one, please check the post with all the points of the verb ESTAR.


Is well known in Spanish language we have 2 forms of the verb «TO BE» which are «SER» y ESTAR». this get the students confused often because it’s difficult to know when use each one correctly. In this post you’ll have the key of the Spanish knowledge in SER y ESTAR

Le’ts going to start sayaing both means kinda the same. I write «kinda» because it’s just a minuscule detail that change the semantics and brings the meaning. What is this minuscle detail? THE WAY OF THINKING. In Spanish we use «SER when we express soething about things we think like PERMANENT but we use ESTAR with things we think like TEMPORARY!

ok. sounds easy -in theory- but it’s confusing in real practice. Let me give to you some points more specifics! We’ll start with the verb «to be» and it equal in Spanish «SER».

VERBO SER when we have to use it?

We will use «SER» with the purpose of identify someone or something. For example with our family members, frineds or with the things we like.

We will use the verb SER also when we talk about NATIONALITY because this never will change…. btw, where are you from?

The following point is controversial because it is true that we change thoughtout our lives, we are a person in our twenties, and the we are completely different at  thirties and is like this as life progresses. But we have for sure some serie of characteristics that hardly will change. something like the most exceptional part of the people, that serie of things that make the person being the person…maybe is because of that a lot of people say «People never change»

Well, we use VERB SER to espress these characteristics!

With professions of the people, we use to use the verb SER , exception for a small very colloquial use (that you can check later in the post about VERB ESTAR)…anyway almost always we will use verb SER wit professions.

And the last one use of verb SER in Spanish is for time and date. Is commun use it to refer tthe day we’re living in,the month , year, the hour of the day and even the seasons! It doesn’t matter if we are talking in past, present or future, we use it with the same intention: express time and date.

NOw, we will move to the verb ESTAR, but so far….Can yo see how the verb SER works in Spanish? You can complement this lesson with the video about SER Y ESTAR

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